Connect Fest

Connect Fest is India’s Biggest Fitness Festival! Since 2016, we’ve been bringing fitness and fun together like never before. From fitness events to the who’s who of the entertainment world, we have something for everybody. It’s the ultimate destination for fitness, fun, food and famous personalities, all in spectacular Goa!


Connect Fest

Get Ready to Feel Starstruck

The greatest minds & hottest bodies in fitness have booked their places at Connect Fest! Be ready for a truly memorable Connect experience with stunning star-studded performances!

Fabulous Fitness Events for Everyone

Whether you’re into Muscle or Mind, we’ve got you covered. Connect Fest has something for everyone!

Connect Fest 2023

A Thrilling Combo of
Fitness & Fun

Connect equals fun! Participate in exciting & unique activities and win fabulous prizes!

End-to-end Entertainment for All

Whether you want to meet your favourite celebrities or just love chilling on the beach, the entertainment never stops at Connect!

Learn New Things & Connect With People

Connect Fest is the ultimate place to meet like-minded fitness enthusiasts. Book your tickets today to get inspired, share your story, learn new things and make meaningful connections!

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Connect Fest 2023
Connect Fest 2023

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Connect Fest shares FITTR’s vision of a healthier world. We dream of a global community of more than 1 billion people who are engaged in physical, emotional and mindful wellbeing. And we truly believe that this vision can be achieved while having fun!


Our mission is simple: Creating a healthier world where fitness = fun! Connect Fest is the perfect balance of health and entertainment, and we aim to make India’s Biggest Fitness Festival the dream destination for every fitness enthusiast in the world!