FITTR Connect Fest

As an online fitness community, we at FITTR need a spectacular reason to meet face-to-face. That’s the origin story of FITTR Connect! It started out as a place for the best minds in fitness to share the latest developments in health & nutrition, and things just kept getting bigger and better from there. Today, we’re India’s Biggest Fitness Festival, Where Fitness Meets Fun!


Connect Fest

Get Ready to Feel Starstruck

The greatest minds & hottest bodies in fitness have booked their places at Connect Fest! Be ready for a truly memorable Connect experience with stunning star-studded performances!

Fabulous Fitness Events for Everyone

Whether you’re into Muscle or Mind, we’ve got you covered. Connect Fest has something for everyone!

Connect Fest 2023

A Thrilling Combo of
Fitness & Fun

Connect equals fun! Participate in exciting & unique activities and win fabulous prizes!

End-to-end Entertainment for All

Whether you want to meet your favourite celebrities or just love chilling on the beach, the entertainment never stops at Connect!

Learn New Things & Connect With People

Connect Fest is the ultimate place to meet like-minded fitness enthusiasts. Book your tickets today to get inspired, share your story, learn new things and make meaningful connections!

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Connect Fest 2023
Connect Fest 2023

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Connect Fest shares FITTR’s vision of a healthier world. We dream of a global community of more than 1 billion people who are engaged in physical, emotional and mindful wellbeing. And we truly believe that this vision can be achieved while having fun!


Our mission is simple: Creating a healthier world where fitness = fun! Connect Fest is the perfect balance of health and entertainment, and we aim to make India’s Biggest Fitness Festival the dream destination for every fitness enthusiast in the world!